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Leslie Jones instagram olympics

Leslie Jones instagram olympics

Do you follow Leslie Jones on Instagram? The comedian, who happens to be obsessed with the Olympics, shares clips with her off-the-cuff commentary. For example, she admires Simone Biles’s floor exercise and watches triathlons win their race. And about triathletes she says: “It’s three things at once, how is that not the whole f*cking Olympics… that’s a lot! …To me, I feel like that’s kind of selfish to be that f*cking athletic.” I could listen to her all day.

Laura Lombardi hoop earrings

What everyday jewelry do you wear? I often wear only my wedding ring, but I am really liking these beautiful hoops.



What’s your travel fantasy these days? Mine might be the Hotel Les Deux Gares in Paris, designed by Luke Edward Hall. I mean, those colors! I imagine stepping in the lobby and gasping, and then stepping in your room and gasping, and then maybe going out for a pain au chocolat.

smartless podcast

After 100 friends recommended the Smartless podcast — featuring comedians Justin Bateman, Sean Hayes and Will Arnett chatting with famous friends — I cued it up on a walk. In one especially funny episode, Justin Theroux talks about taking his shirt off while sleeping on a plane, and the team debates whether that’s appropriate. (I say fine.)

P.S. More fun things and an amazing Swedish slide.

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